Top Trends In Outdoor Furniture

by Elizabeth

Through the years, the trends in outdoor furniture have changed so fast. Way back then, you can only see plastic or lawn chairs but now there’s a variation in furniture design and some are elegant while some are simple and plain.

The top four trends in outdoor furniture

Resin outdoor/patio furniture
Resin is practical and cheap outdoor furniture that’s perfect for people with simple style. This furniture has a lot of colors and designs to choose from. A resin patio-furniture set may come with chairs, foot rests, tables, coffee tables, outdoor furniture cushions and outdoor furniture covers. This type of furniture can survive in different kinds of weather like wet and dry season. The only drawback of this furniture is that it has the tendency to fade over time.

Cedar outdoor/patio furniture

Another latest trend in outdoor furnitureis the treated cedar. At first, cedar was plainly used in making outdoor decks. It’s durable, easy to maintain and very elegant in terms of design and color. This furniture is more expensive compared to plastic or resin, but it’s a good form of investment because it can last for more than four years. This kind of outdoor furniture is very popular in many states nowadays.

Plastic outdoor/patio furniture
For so many years, a lot of families make use of plastic furniture, thus making it a part of the top four trends. The designs and colors are also fashionable; some chairs have padded cushions, sturdy table and a huge umbrella to protect you from direct sunlight. The price of such furniture depends on the size, some plastic furniture are expensive because they are made with polyethylene which is UV resistant.

Teak outdoor/patio furniture
And the last one is the Teak outdoor furniture; it’s the favorite of many buyers. This type of furniture is very attractive and durable. However, it’s the most expensive among the four. If you maintain it properly, the price is worth it because it can serve you for many years.

Other trends in outdoor furniture are stainless steel or aluminum. This furniture 

comes with different styles as well as colors. More often than not the outdoor or patio furniture sets comes with loveseats, bars, couches, stools, outdoor furniture covers, and outdoor furniture cushions. Buying a complete set of furniture also allows you to save few dollars rather than buying one piece at a time.

Pointers when buying outdoor furniture
When buying Outdoor furniture you don’t have to spend huge amount, you can go to stores or websites that offers clearance sale on different outdoor furniture so that you can save few dollars. Aside from that, here are some tips that you can consider when purchasing outdoor or patio furniture.

  1. Decide as to what kind of material you want to purchase, is it plastic, wood, metal, wicker, etc.
  2. Visit patio stores that offer different furniture or you can also check websites that offers patio furniture.
  3. Checks if the metal frames are made from aluminum and as much as possible do not buy furniture made from steel.
  4. Check if the fabrics used are good for outdoor and changing weather. Find out as well if the fabrics are Ultraviolet tested.
  5. Sit or lie down on the furniture or chair in particular so that you will know and experience firsthand if it’s comfortable to use or not.
  6. Check out the cushions; is it too soft and light? If yes, then consider finding a new one because in the long run, the soft cushion will sag and will no longer be comfortable to use.
  7. Inspect if the table and chairs are supported by heavy-duty braces.
  8. Check out if the bolts and nuts used are genuine stainless steel. Because stainless steel is more durable compared to non-stainless steel.

Above all, don’t forget to check your budget when purchasing outdoor furniture. Also remember that your patio should not be filled with too many furniture or plants. You can place few and unique furniture as well as plants to make the surrounding more beautiful. When decorating a patio or buying patio furniture, remember that your convenience must come first before anything else.