Wall-Mounted Garden Hose Reel Features to Aim For

by Elizabeth

When it comes to wall-mounted retractable garden hose reels, there is a wide variation of models and designs to choose from. It can be overwhelming to pick one out of the many options available before you. Aside from that, each model comes with different retraction methods and features – some of which you have not even considered coming from a garden hose. How would you know which one is the right one for you?

Do not worry! Here is a quick list of the most popular features that you should look out for to make sure that you end up with a good garden hose reel.

Recommended wall-mounted garden hose reel features

Casing or cabinet

If you are getting a wall-mounted garden hose reel, you should get a model that comes with a durable casing or cabinet so that the hose will not be exposed to the elements. Exposure to UV rays and rain can ruin the hose’s material in time and can cause cracks, which would lead to leaks. With a casing or cabinet to store the hose in, you get a higher probability that the hose will last longer than what is expected.

Swivel bracket

For wall-mounted retractable garden hose reels, you should get a model that has a swivel bracket. This feature will give you more movement, which is a good advantage since wall-mounted reels are stationary. It will be easier for you to use the hose in different directions.

Hose guide

It helps to choose a garden hose reel that comes with a hose guide. A hose guide ensures that there will be no kinks as you wind and unwind the hose through the reel. This will also ensure that the reel gets to turn smoothly all the time because the hose will not bunch up and get in the way of the mechanism.

Self-winding retraction

Make it easier to wrap up your chores by getting a self-winding hose reel. This means you do not have to manually reel the house in when you are done. Most retractable hose reels just need you to tug the hose towards the reel to start winding the hose back to the reel. Others can do this automatically with just a push of the button. This automatic feature can greatly save you some energy and time!

Versatile nozzle

Most garden hose reels are equipped with a garden hose already. You should pick one that comes with a nozzle that offers you a wide variety of spraying modes.

Extra storage

Some wall-mounted retractable garden hose reels come with extra storage space that you can use to store smaller tools like hose nozzles, gloves, and small gardening tools. This might be a feature that you would want to consider if you have a small home and storage options are limited.

Last thoughts

Now that you know which features to look out for in a wall-mounted retractable garden hose reel, you will be able to easily pick out a model that would be a worthy purchase because you will definitely end up getting your money’s worth.

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