Are there risks of using a portable car washer?

by Elizabeth

Car washer is fast becoming an indispensable machine for industrial and domestic use. It works the magic of giving your car a spotless wash especially during the cold season when your vehicle gets filled with muck.

For this article, the advantages and disadvantages of using a portable car washer will be discussed. Why should you buy it? What are the downsides to look out for?

These are possible questions that you are likely to ask when you want to get one. Hopefully, this article will go a long way in answering those questions.

Advantages of Using a Portable Car washer

With the advancement in technology, manufactures of portable car washers now make eco-friendly washers. Portable car washers are more efficient in cleaning and it conserves water. They include steam cleaners, a waterless car wash system, and power washers.

They are lightweight and therefore easy to move from one place to the other. Although the ergonomic design limits the need for movement. They are adjustable and therefore can be modified to perform various functions.

Most of these car washers operate quietly and their pumps create less vibration. You hardly even notice their sounds when you are using them. It is suitable for industrial purposes because it is versatile and can be used in a hundred and one ways.

Car washers are usually adorned with water filters and tanks for detergent. Hence, you are allowed to wash, sanitize, clean, and deodorize from the same platform.

Both pressure and spray tips are adjustable as well.

As an alternative, you can make use of steam cleaners. This type of cleaners can thoroughly clean even the dirtiest surface without detergents and it conserves water as well.

Another advantage is affordability. With $150, you can get a car washer that would serve you properly. However, the ones with more advanced features would cost more, sometimes as high as $500.

Disadvantages of Using a Portable Car Washer

Generally, these machines are powered by motors and pumps. Therefore they generate noise while in use, even the littlest noise can be very discomforting for some people or some situations.

Some run on batteries and if you have to wash a large and very dirty car, the battery might not be enough to sustain the machine. The hose of a car washer twists easily because it is made with hard plastic.

When it gets twisted, it would be very difficult to extend or work around with. Sometimes, the cord may be too short and therefore not suitable to wash trailers and large trucks.

Materials used for making these hoses are not strong enough to withstand too much pressure. When they undergo a lot of stress, it cracks especially when the temperature is too cold.

When it is being used constantly, the adapters gets lose and this can result in leaking. This, it is advisable to always check every nook and cranny of your washer to ensure that all is intact before powering it.


Having gone through the advantages and disadvantages of portable car washers, you now know what features to look out for when buying one.

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