Pressure Washing But Without an Outdoor Spigot

by Elizabeth

Some say that pressure washers are a worthy investment. An investment with a lot of washing. Sometimes it feels like you can just wash anything with a pressure washer.

The pressure washer has a powerful motor it uses to pump water with enough pressure to wash a stain off the concrete.

Some pressure washers can produce pressure between 2500psi (pounds per square inch) to 3000psi. no wonder pressure washers are very useful and always a quick clean answer.

The pressure washers clean quickly and efficiently. They also seem to clean better than the regular garden hose. Suitable for a variety of materials.

Using a pressure washer is easy and quick but requires certain tools and resources. For maximum results of a pressure washer, you need to have a source of power available and a source of water.

Since most pressure washer products require you to get your water from an outdoor spigot, what can you do when you do not have an outdoor tap?

Here are a few doable ideas of how you still use your pressure washer without an outdoor tap.

The Water Tank Hack

The pressure washer makes use of a lot of water to complete its work of cleansing surfaces. That is the reason why a lot of water is required to be close if you have no access to a tap outside.

Something that can contain gallons of water for your pressure washer is a barrel or water tank. Using a bucket is a Bad Idea. This because the pressure washer needs a lot of water to be effective.

When you buy a water tank or barrel, it usually comes with a compatible tap that can work with the pressure washer.

With a pressure washer hose reel close by, the pressure washer hose can be connected to the barrel tap and properly tightened so that the job can go on.

The water barrel could also be used to save water usage. The water barrel can be used to collect rainwater, and then the rainwater will be used for pressure washing.

While using rainwater, find a way to filter the water. This should be done so that the pressure washer can be protected from debris that can build up.

Portable Pressure Washers

A lot of pressure washers are indeed made to use an outside spigot. But that does not always have to be the case.

You can try out a portable pressure washer. The whole point is that portable pressure washers are built portable. That means that they have their little water tank.

The portable pressure washer creates an opportunity to fill the water tank indoor then using it outside at your convenience.

With the pressure washer, you only need to fill up the water tank indoor.

Outdoor Taps

Pretty obvious right?

Installing an outside tap is always an option. It will also save you from a lot of future stress and thinking of how to do things without an outside tap.

Save yourself the stress. Install one for yourself or call a plumber. It will be worth it.


There are various ways to manage using your pressure washer without an outside tap. But they all require a level of stress before the real cleaning even starts. You can always install an outdoor tap.

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