How to Choose A Ceiling Fan for Your Home

by Elizabeth

During the summer, one of the things every home should have is a ventilateur plafond. If you plan on getting either an outdoor or an indoor ceiling fan, you might feel overwhelmed with the numerous choices, especially if it is your first time. However, that doesn’t have to be an issue anymore as this article provides all you need to know as you go out to get yourself a ceiling fan. When you finally get your desired ceiling fan, you can then install it in your house, and you’re good to go.

What to Consider Before Getting A Ceiling Fan

Your Budget Determines Your Choice of Ceiling Fan

If your budget is a $100 ceiling fan, then you shouldn’t expect anything fancy. At that price, you’ll be able to get a traditional ceiling fan which may come with a pull chain control or lighting. If your budget is for a $200 ceiling fan, you might be able to get one that offers a more stylish look with a better finish. Their design sits comfortably between traditional and modern designs. These ceiling fans are the best options for small offices, homes, and apartments.

With a $300 ceiling fan, you can expect a ceiling fan that functions much better, has better motor performance, and offers a lot of styles and design options. These fans are the best for homes, business offices, and condos. Lastly, if your budget can handle anything over the $300 mark, you can get the very best for yourself. You can expect handcrafted blades, handcrafted glass, a fan with better performance, and one with integrated LED lighting.

The Size of the Ceiling Fan

 Ceiling fans come in various sizes ranging from 14-inches to 72-inches wide. Hence, you need to be aware that you cannot install just any kind of ceiling fan in your home. This is because the choice of the ceiling fan largely depends on the size and the height of your home. You can look for a fan sizing guide to find out the ceiling fan that’s best for your room. To begin, you must first find out the square footage of your room. To get this measurement, first, measure the length and the width of the room, multiply both measurements, and find the square footage. Next, adequately measure the height of the ceiling from the ground to help you know how best to install your ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan Lights

One major question people ask when they want to buy a ceiling fan is the need to get a fan with lightning. This is sorely based on your preference and also where you stay. If you stay in a place with sufficient lighting, it might not be necessary to get a ceiling fan with a light kit. However, if you have a place with inadequate light, you might want to consider getting a ceiling fan with a light kit. There are various light sources of ceiling fans and they include LEDs, fluorescent lights, and halogen lights.

Even if you have good lighting in your home, you can still get the fan with a light kit if you just want a better-looking home.

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