Which is the best type of bathtub for you?

by Elizabeth

There are several ways to amplify the appearance of your bathroom. All these fall under the interior design category. In interior design, different types of materials have been used on walls, floors, countertops, and other elements of the bathroom. For a while, the go-to solution for improving the appearance of the bathroom has been installing a vanity unit. Even then, vanity units have been done by almost every homeowner and have lost their appeal for uniqueness. Bathtubs have, however, become the in thing. Bathroom bunnings offer a variety of bathtub options from which to choose. However, there are factors to consider when choosing the right type of bathtub.

  • Space

Different types of bathtubs take up different amounts of space. For instance, a freestanding tub will take up more space than a corner bathtub. The reason is that a freestanding bath is positioned at the center of a bathroom hence the space issue. On the other hand, a corner bathtub takes up less space because of the corner location. The shape of the bath also affects the area that the tub takes.

For instance, triangle tubs would take more space because of the edges. On the other hand, around or circle table would take less space, depending on how it is positioned. This element means that the choice of which bathtub to have constructed on your bathroom depends on the scope of both the bathroom and tub.

  • Shape

Various elements affect the decision that you make concerning the shape of the tub. The shape of the tub affects the amount of space that is consumed by the tub as well as the comfort of the bathtub. For instance, a rectangular-shaped bath with sharp edges may not be as comfortable as a circle bathtub. The state of the sides also determines the shape. For example, a square or rectangle tub with smooth edges may be as comfortable as an oval tub.

  • Weight

The weight is also an essential element to consider before getting a bathtub. It is always wise to find the right place with adequate structural support that can hold the weight of the tub. If a tub ends up being too heavy, it may cause damage to the floors of your bathroom. The weight of the tub is influenced by the material from which it is made. Different materials weigh different tones.

  • Cost

Several factors influence the cost of a bathtub. Some of these factors include the material from which the tub is made, the style, and the size of the bath. More sophisticated designs like hot tubs are costlier than the latter. Materials like fiberglass are also more expensive than others. Larger sized tubs and custom designs also tend to cost more. Your choice of a bathtub should always depend on your budget.

Take Away

Other factors to consider when choosing a bathtub include the type of walls and corners you have. The overall interior design of your house and bathroom would also affect the choice you make.

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