Suitable Characteristics of Quartz

by Elizabeth

Quartz is a hard composition of both silicon and oxygen atoms. It can be defined as both compact and crystallized forms of silica. It can, therefore, be referred to as a mineral. It is used in several different manners daily across the globe. Its uses keep increasing by the day because the mineral has a lot of good attributes. One of the primary purposes of Quartz is as an abrasive. It is used in the manufacture of sandpaper and other items that fall under this category.

A form of Quartz is also used to sharpen edged items like knives. These are just but a few uses of Quartz. Quartz slabs supplier takes advantage of the numerous suitable characteristics of Quartz in manufacturing products like slabs.

Characteristics of Quartz

  • Durability

One of the best qualities of Quartz is its hardness. The hardness of the materials steams from its composition (oxygen and silicon atoms). This makes it one of the hardest minerals in the world after diamond, which has a Mohs scale of 10. Secondly, since Quartz has a Mohs scale of 7, it means that materials made from Quartz are durable and resistant to damages like chemical or physical corrosion.

  • Aesthetic beauty

Another attractive feature of Quartz is the aesthetic appeal. Most forms of Quartz come in a variety of beautiful colors. In addition to the colors, the mineral structure displays a variety of beautiful patterns. These patterns are unlike anything that can be manufactured. The designs are also exclusive to this mineral and cannot be found on any other naturally occurring rock.

For this reason, Quartz is used in the manufacture of slabs, kitchen, and bathroom countertops, as well as floor tiles. Manufacturers find that most clients prefer such items made from Quartz because they are unique and beautiful.

  • Heat and electricity resistance

Another feature of Quartz is the resistance to heat. This feature influences the availability of the mineral as it can be found in all parts of the globe despite the varying temperatures. The rock can withstand very high temperatures. This means that when it is used as a countertop material, it cannot be damaged by hot pots and hot water. It is also an excellent insulator. This means that it is also resistant to electricity. For this reason, Quartz is used for different electrical purposes regardless of its poor conductivity.

  • Variety

Quartz is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The rock is also susceptible to a wide range of synthetic and artificial treatments that can be used to change its appearance. This feature is significantly responsible for the several uses of the mineral. However, the susceptibility of Quartz to various treatments is greatly dependent on its features, and the location from where it was mined is also a determinant.


There are several types of Quartz, which can be categorized into two. The two categories of Quartz depend on the color of the rock and its structure. It is important to note that Quartz is commonly found in sedimentary rocks, the likes of sandstone and shale. 

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