Ways of Painting Good Art on a Black Canvas

by Elizabeth

A black canvas is usually black. It is made by painting a layer of black gesso over the canvas from one end to another. It is left to dry completely then sanded to achieve a dark look. You can get them ready-made or make one yourself. Most artists use white or off-white canvases since they are common and readily available. The black canvas is easy to work on and gives a painting a whole different dimension. Check out black canvas art for stunning art pieces. In this write-up, we discuss the tips for painting on a black canvas.

Tips for Painting on a Black Canvas

Painting on a black canvas is easy and requires minimal time. This is because the background has a few details painted on it. It brings out the contrast in colors very well and creates bright vignettes.

1. Type of Canvas

You can use a canvas that has already been primed with black gesso instead of white or buy a white one and make it black. A matte sheen can also be used to achieve the exact results. The sheen works well with acrylic paints, making the colors of your painting pop and seem brighter. It is good since you’re not limited to white only. The black canvas price is higher than that of white, but it’s worth every coin.

2. Apply Opaque Paints

Paints are either translucent, semi-opaque, or opaque and are indicated on the tube. Paints are said to be opaque when you can’t see what’s underneath them, e.g., titanium white. They are ideal for hiding mistakes and discoloration on the canvas during drying. They also cover the black well. Different paints have different opacities depending on the formula used in preparing them and their pigmentation. You can tell the opacity by checking the label, testing, or reading through the company’s catalog.

3. Paint Titanium White First if Not Sure of the Color

During art painting, multiple colors may be involved. Some colors are not indicated whether they are opaque or translucent. In such a situation, apply a thin layer of titanium white to cover the black area partially. The partial coverage gives the image some form of texture and an illusion of depth. For more specific results, you can double load, i.e., touch the titanium white with your brush and the other color at the same time. This produces a pastel-like look at the painting. The two colors blend to give off an opaque but bright color.

4. Use White Chalk or Paper

When working on a design that needs tracing, it isn’t easy to do so on the black canvas. Place the white paper on the canvas and trace out the desired image. White chalk is also suitable for drawing on the painting since it wipes off easily with a wet cloth or when painted over it.

5. Use of Painting Pens

Paint pens are ideal for outlining, doing fine, and detailed designs that would somehow be difficult with a normal brush. They are opaque and bright, hence work well in black canvas.

Bottom Line

Painting art on a black canvas is fun and interesting. You can play around with the paintings to give opaque, solid, and bright images that sit well with the black background.

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